DIY afwassen: afwassponsje van henneptouw

DIY dishwashing: dishwashing sponge made from hemp rope

Dishwashing sponges are usually made of materials such as foam rubber, cellulose or plastic. They are often treated or coated with chemicals (think of antibacterial substances or cleaning agents). These additives are intended to help fight bacteria. They also release microplastics when washing dishes. In some cases, dishwashing sponges may contain small amounts of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) , especially if they are manufactured with water-repellent or non-stick materials.

That could be better!

In this blog we give you a DIY tip to make your own natural, less toxic dishwashing sponge from hemp rope. It is also very durable, because this cloth can last for years.

Why do we use hemp rope?

Rope can be made from natural materials or synthetic materials such as nylon or polypropylene . The non-natural ropes are often also treated with chemicals or coatings. Hemp rope is usually made from natural hemp fibers. Hemp is a natural, biodegradable material, and hemp ropes are therefore in principle non-toxic ('in principle', because you always have to check whether no toxic chemicals or coatings have been used, or whether the rope has been dyed). You can easily remove dirt with hemp rope. A perfect non-plastic alternative to the dishwashing sponge.

Make your own dishwashing sponge from hemp rope

All you need to make your own less toxic dishwashing sponge is a ball of hemp rope and two knitting needles. You will have knitted your patch together within an hour.

Keep in mind that hemp can be quite stiff to knit with. We made a loop at the end of the cloth so that the sponge can be hung.

Making sustainable dishwashing sponge hemp rope

When you use the cloth for the first time, it will feel a bit stiff. Over time it becomes more and more flexible.

Scrub them!

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