• Consumer products are often packed with harmful chemicals

    The amount of chemicals to which we are exposed has steadily increased in recent decades. For example, everyday products (make-up, furniture, clothing, pans, etc.) are often packed with harmful chemicals that end up in our body.

  • Commonly used chemicals are linked to a variety of health problems, such as cancer and infertility

    It is important to limit exposure to these chemicals as much as possible to protect your health.

  • Current laws and regulations are not sufficient to protect consumers

    We are not impressed by the current level of protection. That's why we're taking matters into our own hands. Because our health is too important to wait for measures from 'above'.

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Organic skincare, eco labels, biodegradable products? Often it contains poison.

In a 2021 European study into the presence of PFAS ( forever chemicals) in disposable food packaging and tableware, the highest concentration of PFAS was even found in so-called biodegradable products. Many so-called sustainable or vegan products also prove to be harmful in practice.

You try to make the right choice every day. In a world of greenwashing (ie, companies that sell a bunch of crap about so-called "green products"), it's not easy to figure out how to cut down on toxins. Good news: we do it for you! In our shop you can find products that help you consume less poison. Fewer? That's right. Because of our no bullshit mission , we will never claim that you can completely avoid the intake of chemicals, microplastics and harmful substances. Then we would be no better than all the companies that are fully greenwashing every day. Completely avoiding poison seems to be impossible in this world. When you breathe in, you already ingest microplastics. We are therefore looking for the best way to ingest as little poison as possible. In other words: LESS TOXIC PLEASE.

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"Toxic burden is the amount of toxins in your body. An accumulation of toxins can lead to all kinds of health problems"

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