The movement (join in♥)

LESS TOXIC PLEASE was founded in 2023 by four young women. Like you, we were conscious about our diet, buying 'green products' and relying on eco-labels. Until we got unclear health problems. We wondered how that is possible when you seem to be doing everything right. Call it female intuition that in our quest for a healthier life we ​​ended up with all the junk we come into contact with every day. That's how we found out that the rashes on our faces reappeared every time after the sheets were washed. The bad guy? Laundry detergent full of chemicals.

When we first decided to research toxic-free living, we really had no idea where to start. There is so much information to be found, there are a lot of contradictions and misleading marketing claims from companies didn't make it any easier. We went completely down the rabbit hole, dived into literature and that's how we started our journey to a toxin-free life. It was shocking to see that many of the products we use contain ingredients that can be toxic to our health and the environment. In recent decades, there has been a huge focus on sustainability. We are not against that. But we seem to have forgotten something crucial: sustainable products are not necessarily healthy.

We decided to take action and founded LESS TOXIC PLEASE to make people aware of what is in our everyday products. At the same time, we also wanted to offer an alternative. Just sowing fear is not for us. Moreover: too much fear of toxic can also be extremely toxic . In addition, not all chemicals are bad for you by definition. We only get way too much, which often causes the bucket to overflow and that can lead to all kinds of health problems.

LESS TOXIC is therefore our mission: to reduce the toxic burden as much as possible.