The Less Toxic Please standard

Have you noticed that there aren't many products in the Less Toxic Please shop?

That is a conscious choice.

We only select products that meet our STANDARD. It takes time and we don't take the selection process lightly. While our current offering may seem limited, we don't want to compromise when it comes to our mission (and your health!). We take our quest for a toxin-free life seriously and only offer products that we believe in ourselves.

Okay, but now in concrete terms: what exactly is the less toxic please standard? On what basis do we select our products?

Our selection process is as follows:

Step 1: Each product must meet our HIGH non-toxic requirements. What this actually means differs per product category. We promise that there are no unnecessary chemicals, carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.

Step 2: We require full transparency and integrity from our suppliers. So no “hidden” additions. We do not accept tricks such as substituting a toxic chemical for an equally toxic (or more toxic) alternative that is not yet regulated.

Step 3: We test the product. If it doesn't feel right to us (female intuition!) and we don't support it 100%, it won't appear in our webshop.


For our selection of clothing and textiles, we opt for the highest certification in the field of organic non-toxic textiles: GOTS . GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, an international standard for organic textile production. It is a certification system that sets requirements for the entire textile production chain, from the cultivation of organic fibers to the final labeling of the end product. GOTS ensures that textile products bearing this label are made from organically grown fibres, without the use of harmful chemicals during the production process. GOTS also sets social criteria for working conditions and fair trade practices. All PFAS compounds, including PFCA (including PFOA), PFSA (including PFOS), FTOH, PFNA, PFHpA, PFDA, PFOSA, PTFE, are prohibited for GOTS products.

Personal care:

We opt for a cross-list approach for our carefully selected care products. This means that our care products may not contain chemicals that:

  • Being on the RED LIST of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC)
  • Being on the SIN LIST of ChemSec
  • Be on the REACH LIST of the European Chemicals Agency


We look for products that are free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances. We ask our suppliers for detailed information about ingredients and production processes, and we conduct independent laboratory tests when necessary.

Share your feedback, join the community!

We also invite you to give us feedback and suggestions for products you would like to see in our shop. Together we can make a positive change and make the world a healthier place. Thank you for supporting our mission to reduce toxins and choose a healthier lifestyle with Less Toxic Please.