Onze top 3 gifvrije vaatwasmiddelen

Our top 3 non-toxic dishwasher detergents

A dishwasher is of course extremely useful and takes a lot of work off your hands. Unfortunately, most dishwasher detergents are full of toxic substances. These substances end up on the inside of your glass, plate or cutlery and can thus enter your body. And what about the steam and fumes that come out of the dishwasher and you inhale? It is therefore very important to choose a variant that is as poison-free as possible. Here we give you our personal top 3 less toxic dishwasher detergents for really clean dishes.

But first this…

We used dishwasher tablets from a well-known brand with a VERY chemical smell for years. The more aggressive the chemicals, the cleaner the dishes - that was the idea. We also assumed that all toxins would simply be rinsed out during the dishwasher cycle. So nothing to worry about. And yet our 'clean' dishes always smelled suspiciously chemical afterwards. So chemical that we used an extra rinse program and even then the smell was not completely gone. Recognizable story?

Toxic substances in dishwasher detergents

Anyway, that chemical smell is not that strange at all because the vast majority of dishwasher detergents (tablets or powder) contain a huge list of chemicals. Think of bleaches, parabens, sodium hypochlorite, dyes, artificial fragrances (such as limonene and hexyl cinnamal), isothiazolinone preservatives, cristobalite, polyalkylene glycol and so on and so forth. Many of these chemicals have been linked to serious health problems. Most dishwasher tablets are also packaged in plastic or a water-soluble foil made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is still the subject of many doubts. We therefore give you three alternatives that we believe are a lot safer.

Organic soap nuts

You may not have heard of soapnuts before, but trust us: these are hidden gems. They are simply nuts that grow on the soapnut tree. The inside of the peel has a shiny layer that contains saponins with cleansing and antibacterial properties. As soon as the shells of the soap nuts come into contact with warm water, a nice soapy solution is created. You can wash your clothes with it, but also your dirty dishes. Simply place a few peels in a cotton laundry bag, tie it closed and place it in the cutlery bin of your dishwasher. Rinse aid is not necessary, but you can add a little lemon essential oil to the laundry bag for an extra clean and fresh result. You can run a dishwasher twice with the same filled laundry bag. After use, the peels can be put on the compost heap because they are biodegradable. You can't get anything more natural than that, so be sure to try the soapnut!

organic soap nuts

Dr Bronner Pure Castile Soap Unscented

Castile soap is ideal for all kinds of cleaning jobs, including dishes. This castile soap from the American brand Dr Bronner receives an A score (best score, few/no known or suspected health or environmental hazards) from the Environmental Working Group. That is of course a good sign. It contains no added perfume and fragrances and is made with certified organic and fair trade ingredients. Plus, it's so gentle it's even suitable for bathing babies. So even if something is left on your dishes, there is no reason to panic. Please note: this soap is super concentrated so you only need a tiny amount!

Dr Bronner Castile Soap


In our opinion, the above options are preferable, because it is very difficult to find dishwasher tablets or dishwasher powder (available in the Netherlands) without aggressive chemicals. But if you really prefer not to throw nuts or soap in the dishwasher, this (refillable) dishwasher powder from Prowin is one of the least annoying we have encountered. Without fragrances, based on natural ingredients and ecologically certified (ECOCERT).

prowin dishwasher powder

Disclaimer (Do Your Own Research): We love to share with you our experiences and knowledge that we have gained in our search for a toxic-free life. At the same time, we would like to emphasize that you are solely responsible for your health (that goes without saying, right?). The information we share here is for general educational purposes and is not personalized medical advice. Everyone is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another.

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