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There is no such thing as 100% toxin-free life, but less toxic is

Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

The above quote from Maya Angelou reflects our mission with Less Toxic Please. Once we are aware of the "cocktail of chemicals" we ingest every day and the potential health problems that can come with it, it is our responsibility to make better choices for ourselves.

Once you know better, do better.

The reality is that we live in a world where avoiding all toxic substances 100% is practically impossible. But that doesn't mean we're helpless.

Quest for a toxin-free life

In our quest for a toxin-free life, it is important to recognize that 100% toxin-free is practically unattainable. After all, perfection does not exist. We are constantly exposed to various toxic chemicals, some of which are difficult to avoid (completely). You can already come into contact with PFAS during a ride on public transport through, for example, the materials used for the seats.

It is therefore important to let go of the idea that this is a journey to perfection. Instead of striving for an impossible ideal and quickly becoming discouraged by it, choose to use less-toxic-please as a guideline. You really don't have to immediately turn your whole life upside down, throw out the entire contents of your house or spend thousands of euros on detox retreats. Think of it rather as a gradual transformation in which you learn how to live a less toxic life with small adjustments and conscious (more) choices.

Less toxins in your body

Step by step we try to reduce the toxic burden * as much as possible (*toxic burden = the amount of toxins in your body. An accumulation of toxins can lead to all kinds of health problems). But it all starts with awareness. Take the time to learn about the toxins found in everyday products and materials. Read the labels of your cleaning products, cosmetics and other products you use and try to decipher what it really says. In the meantime, you can look for safer alternatives and exchange some of the worst culprits for less toxic products.

Also remember that you don't have to change everything at once. Don't be too hard on yourself and give yourself space to grow in your less toxic life. It's an ongoing journey, and the most important thing is that you take the first steps (like reading this blog for example!).

No shame in the less toxic game

Don't be ashamed of the choices you've made in the past or if you 're a total newbie who has no idea what less toxic is all about. We also still "cring" when we think back to all those fantastic scented candles, air fresheners and synthetic underpants . But above all we try to look at our past through empathic glasses. Because let's face it: we've almost all been lied to about the amount of toxic chemicals in everyday products and their possible harmful effects. The reality is that the industry often knowingly withheld information in order to promote their products and maximize profits. At the same time, we are exposed to a constant stream of advertising that convinced us that certain products were essential to our well-being, without telling us the whole truth. So don't be ashamed of your past. The important thing is that you are now aware of the impact of these products and that you are actively taking steps to gradually replace them with less toxic alternatives.

5 simple tips for a less toxic life

A few fun - stress-free and accessible - tips to start your less toxic journey :

  • Bring green into your home: did you know that some plants have air-purifying qualities? Plants such as aloe vera are known to filter harmful substances from the air and promote a healthy atmosphere.
  • Download the app The Chemical Maze : a super practical app that helps you navigate through the ingredient lists of everyday products. We are fans.
  • Stand in the grass with your bare feet. While the scientific evidence isn't quite there yet, there are signs that connecting with the earth by walking barefoot can have a positive impact on your well-being. And let's be honest: even aside from possible health effects, it just feels incredibly nice to escape the shoes and socks for a while and feel the earth under your feet.
  • Make your own scented candles : Did you know that making your own scented candle isn't that hard at all? Plus, making your own candles gives you control over what ingredients you use. This way you can enjoy a nice scent without worrying about the potential harmful effects.
  • Test your water for PFAS. Okay, maybe not very "nice" but very interesting of course to know how high the concentration of PFAS is in your drinking water. Testing is not that difficult at all these days. For example, you can order your test online at Measurelabs and pay immediately.

Disclaimer (Do Your Own Research): We are happy to share with you our experiences and knowledge that we have gained in our quest for a toxin-free life. At the same time, we want to emphasize that you are solely responsible for your health (that goes without saying, right?). The information we share here is for general educational purposes and is not personal medical advice. Everyone is unique, and what works for one may not work for another.

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